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Owned Test Accounts (OTAs) for Manual Testing

Team members are encouraged to obtain their own OTAs via Rhea. go/get-test-accounts has instructions and more.

Exercising flows that require OTAs with passwords

OTAs generally do not allow authentication using passwords for security reasons. Instead they use a challenge-response; usually against your account. See go/cross-account-challenge-for-ota. This works with almost all manual authentication flows. One example exception is the ChromeOS flow for adding a supervisor for a child account - a la Family Link.

To work around the exceptions, we have a few shared accounts that are exempt from the challenge-response requirement and are able to use passwords for authentication. We don't have many of these so please do not use these shared accounts unless you have this password requirement.

The list of exempt accounts can be found on the team's Rhea dashboard. Account IDs are of the format

  1. Make sure you're a member of the group.
  2. Randomly select an account. We don't expect much usage so there's no arbitration in place.
  3. Credentials > Change Password
    • Generate a random password using your favourite generator.
    • Passwords expire and have to be manually refreshed every 24hrs.
  4. Use the account.
  5. Once done, please undo any significant changes such as having Family Linked the shared account to your own OTA.