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Chamelium USB Audio


USB audio supports multi-channel and higher precision playback / capture functionality. This document tells you about how to use chamelium with external USB audio devices.

Needed equipment

  1. An USB audio device
  2. Type-A USB to mini-USB converter

Setup Steps

  1. Run command $ touch /etc/default/.usb_host_mod and reboot chamelium.
  2. Run command $ modprobe snd-usb-audio to enable USB audio module.
  3. Plug in a USB audio device in the middle mini-USB port (with the converter) and use command $ aplay -l ($ arecord -l for microphone) to check if the device is plugged in.
  4. Test your USB audio device by the following command
    1. $ arecord -f dat /tmp/test.wav (Test capture function)
    2. $ aplay -f dat /tmp/test.was (Test playback function)

Recover Steps

  1. Run command $ rm /etc/default/.usb_host_mod and reboot chamelium