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Kernel fuzzing in ChromeOS

ChromeOS kernel fuzzing uses syzkaller. Syzkaller fuzzes core kernel components in VMs, and device drivers on DUTs in the lab.

How often is the kernel fuzzed?

The core ChromeOS kernel is fuzzed continuously in VMs.

Device drivers are fuzzed in the lab for 30 minutes per board type, about two times per day. More information about how syzkaller is deployed in the lab can be found here.

How can I fuzz the core ChromeOS kernel?

The instructions here can be used to fuzz the core components of ChromeOS kernels 4.4 and newer. You can avoid having to re-create the rootfs by simply using this rootfs and its corresponding key.

How can I fuzz device drivers on a DUT?

You can run syzkaller against a DUT you have locally, or a leased device from the lab. Instructions for flashing the DUT with a debug kernel and fuzzing it can be found here.

How can I write fuzz targets for device drivers?

A guide on writing fuzz targets for syzkaller can be found here.

Where can the fuzz results be viewed?

NOTE Links below are internal-links. The results of VM-fuzzing can be found here and the results of device driver fuzzing can be found here.