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Run Tast tests with servo

How to run tast test with servo


I want to run a tast test with servo. Here is an example tast test with Servo.


Step 1: Lease a servo device.

When leasing a DUT with crosfleet, a servo device will also be leased.

crosfleet dut lease -board octopus

Step 2: SSH to leased DUT and Servo

The above command will get back the location of the leased DUT and servo. With that, we can ssh into the DUT and the servo. For example, if the DUT is on chromeos6-row6-rack12-host14 and the servo is on chromeos6-row15-rack8-labstation3, we can do below command to ssh into them.

ssh -L 7778:localhost:22 chromeos6-row6-rack12-host14
ssh -L 7779:localhost:22 chromeos6-row15-rack8-labstation3

Step 3: Start the servo

start servod PORT=9990

Step 4: Run the test

tast -verbose run -var=servo=localhost:9999:ssh:7779 localhost:7778 feedback.LaunchFeedbackFromPowerButton