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ChromiumOS contact

The ChromiumOS project has many communication channels. Finding out which one makes sense for your question/issue can be overwhelming.

We strongly discourage e-mailing or messaging specific developers:

Project announcements

If you're a developer who just joined the project, you should make sure to subscribe to at least the chromium-os-dev group. Important project discussions & PSA's are sent here.

Public discussion groups

While anyone may join these groups and browse their archives, due to spam problems, people who join are initially & automatically moderated. Once their accounts & posts are verified to not be spam related, they are approved to post freely. However this initial moderation step might take some time (especially on nights & weekends), so please be patient when first joining.

User support

Developer support

For more specific developer groups, see this page:

Issue tracker (bugs & features)

Please see the Reporting ChromeOS bugs document for more details. That covers all types of reports: public, private, security, etc...

Code reviews

Please see the Contributing document. It includes tips for finding suitable reviewers.

Private discussion groups

Keep in mind that the vast majority of questions about the project can be posted to our public discussion groups. The private groups are meant to be used for unreleased projects, sensitive topics, and partner-specific only. We strongly encourage people to try and stick to the public groups whenever possible.


I need help with Crouton.

Please send all questions related to Crouton to the Crouton project.

I need help with my Chrome Extension or Chrome App or Kiosk App.

Please post all questions to chromium-extensions. Very few people who work on ChromeOS have any familiarity with writing Chrome Extensions code, or even JavaScript.

I need help installing/running Ubuntu/Debian/<some distro>.

We don't generally support users trying to run other distros instead of CrOS. Please contact those projects directly for support instead.

I need help with Crostini.

Check out the VM/containers document for more details.

I want to report a security bug.

Check out the Reporting ChromeOS bugs document. It has a section specifically about filing security sensitive bugs.