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Directory metadata

CrOS utilizes DIR_METADATA files to make it easy for others to report bugs and to find relevant team contact information. Filling these out in project is important for getting developers in touch with the right people quickly.


Since DIR_METADATA files are text protobufs, follow that style:

The cros format tool can handle some basic formatting checks.

Here's an example:

# Metadata information for this directory.
# For more information on DIR_METADATA files, see:
# For the schema of this file, see Metadata message:

buganizer {
  component_id: 1027774  # ChromeOS > Infra > Build

buganizer_public {
  component_id: 1037860  # ChromeOS Public Tracker > Services > Infra > Build

team_email: ""


Use cros lint to verify the correctness of the file.

Best Practices

Here is a random list of thoughts.


There are a few known issues with the format.