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Crosh -- The ChromiumOS shell

The ChromiumOS shell ("crosh") provides a small set of command line tools for developers to troubleshoot their system. It is not intended as a polished user-facing product feature.


You can open a new crosh instance with the Ctrl+Alt+T key sequence.

Since crosh is not intended for frequent use, it does not have an associated icon in the app launcher. The only way to get to it is via the Ctrl+Alt+T sequence.

You do not need to install any additional applications to access crosh. This is critical for debugging network connectivity issues. It also means we can avoid a "go install this tool" step from diagnostic procedures.


Note: The exact set of tools changes between releases, channels, admin settings, device mode developer mode enabled), and more.

Run help to get info about available commands and discover more. That will show the most common commands. help_advanced command will show everything, so be prepared to scroll up to see everything.

You can also use tab completion to quickly find existing commands.

Help for specific commands can be displayed with help <command> or with <command> --help.

It's an adventure!

Developing crosh

Developers that are working on the crosh tool itself should see the documentation in the crosh project itself.