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Linux Signal Table

These are the signal numbers and their corresponding symbolic names.

While some architectures/ABIs have different number<->symbol mappings, they're equivalent on x86 (32-bit & 64-bit) and arm (32-bit & 64-bit).

For more details on signals in general, see the signal(7) man page.

Real-time Signals

The SIGRTMIN & SIGRTMAX values listed below are technically dynamic. Implementations (e.g. glibc) are allowed to reserve things internally from the user's program. The constants listed below reflect the most common scenarios people see, especially since real-time signal usage is not that common. Keep this in mind if you see signal usage in that range.

For more in-depth details, see the Real-time signals chapter in the signal(7) man page.


number hex symbol description
1 0x01 SIGHUP Hangup
2 0x02 SIGINT Interrupt
3 0x03 SIGQUIT Quit
4 0x04 SIGILL Illegal instruction
5 0x05 SIGTRAP Trace/breakpoint trap
6 0x06 SIGABRT Aborted
6 0x06 SIGIOT (Same value as SIGABRT) Aborted
7 0x07 SIGBUS Bus error
8 0x08 SIGFPE Floating point exception
9 0x09 SIGKILL Killed
10 0x0a SIGUSR1 User defined signal 1
11 0x0b SIGSEGV Segmentation fault
12 0x0c SIGUSR2 User defined signal 2
13 0x0d SIGPIPE Broken pipe
14 0x0e SIGALRM Alarm clock
15 0x0f SIGTERM Terminated
16 0x10 SIGSTKFLT Stack fault
17 0x11 SIGCHLD Child exited
17 0x11 SIGCLD (Same value as SIGCHLD) Child exited
18 0x12 SIGCONT Continued
19 0x13 SIGSTOP Stopped (signal)
20 0x14 SIGTSTP Stopped
21 0x15 SIGTTIN Stopped (tty input)
22 0x16 SIGTTOU Stopped (tty output)
23 0x17 SIGURG Urgent I/O condition
24 0x18 SIGXCPU CPU time limit exceeded
25 0x19 SIGXFSZ File size limit exceeded
26 0x1a SIGVTALRM Virtual timer expired
27 0x1b SIGPROF Profiling timer expired
28 0x1c SIGWINCH Window changed
29 0x1d SIGPOLL I/O possible
29 0x1d SIGIO (Same value as SIGPOLL) I/O possible
30 0x1e SIGPWR Power failure
31 0x1f SIGSYS Bad system call
32 0x20 SIGRTMIN-2 Real-time signal reserved by the C library for NPTL; see signal(7)
33 0x21 SIGRTMIN-1 Real-time signal reserved by the C library for NPTL; see signal(7)
34 0x22 SIGRTMIN Real-time signal 0
35 0x23 SIGRTMIN+1 Real-time signal 1
36 0x24 SIGRTMIN+2 Real-time signal 2
37 0x25 SIGRTMIN+3 Real-time signal 3
38 0x26 SIGRTMIN+4 Real-time signal 4
39 0x27 SIGRTMIN+5 Real-time signal 5
40 0x28 SIGRTMIN+6 Real-time signal 6
41 0x29 SIGRTMIN+7 Real-time signal 7
42 0x2a SIGRTMIN+8 Real-time signal 8
43 0x2b SIGRTMIN+9 Real-time signal 9
44 0x2c SIGRTMIN+10 Real-time signal 10
45 0x2d SIGRTMIN+11 Real-time signal 11
46 0x2e SIGRTMIN+12 Real-time signal 12
47 0x2f SIGRTMIN+13 Real-time signal 13
48 0x30 SIGRTMIN+14 Real-time signal 14
49 0x31 SIGRTMIN+15 Real-time signal 15
50 0x32 SIGRTMAX-14 Real-time signal 16
51 0x33 SIGRTMAX-13 Real-time signal 17
52 0x34 SIGRTMAX-12 Real-time signal 18
53 0x35 SIGRTMAX-11 Real-time signal 19
54 0x36 SIGRTMAX-10 Real-time signal 20
55 0x37 SIGRTMAX-9 Real-time signal 21
56 0x38 SIGRTMAX-8 Real-time signal 22
57 0x39 SIGRTMAX-7 Real-time signal 23
58 0x3a SIGRTMAX-6 Real-time signal 24
59 0x3b SIGRTMAX-5 Real-time signal 25
60 0x3c SIGRTMAX-4 Real-time signal 26
61 0x3d SIGRTMAX-3 Real-time signal 27
62 0x3e SIGRTMAX-2 Real-time signal 28
63 0x3f SIGRTMAX-1 Real-time signal 29
64 0x40 SIGRTMAX Real-time signal 30