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Handling bugs found by fuzzers

Thanks to the work of the Chrome Security Bugs-- team, the ChromeOS Toolchain team, and the ChromeOS security team, there is an increasing number of fuzzers written for ChromeOS targets. This document describes the expectations for handling bugs found by these fuzzers.


The expectation is that bugs, including security bugs, found by a fuzzer will be owned and fixed by the team that owns the code being fuzzed. While the ChromeOS security team handles triaging duties for security bugs, the responsibility for fixing those bugs rests on the team that owns the code in question. Bugs found by fuzzers in third-party packages should similarly be owned by the team pulling in that third-party package. The ChromeOS security team maintains a list of security-sensitive ChromeOS packages. Bugs in these packages should be prioritized by the teams owning or pulling in the package.

This is consistent with the ChromeOS position that teams are ultimately responsible for all aspects of their features, including security; while the ChromeOS security team maintains security-critical features and services, develops tools, and provides advice and support.


Security bugs found by fuzzers are handled just like any other internally-reported security bug, and should be fixed according to the security severity guidelines.