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Just-In-Time compilation in ChromeOS

This document covers the requirements for Just-in-time (JIT) compilation on ChromeOS. These requirements ensure that JIT engines don't undermine the security guarantees of ChromeOS.

The main problem with JIT-ing is that it bypasses Verified boot. The objective of ChromeOS’s Verified boot is to ensure that all code executing on the device has been verified as coming from Google. Code generated on-the-fly by a JIT engine cannot be verified as coming from Google, because it doesn't exist at the time the ChromeOS image is signed.

This is most clearly shown by the fact that JIT-ing requires memory regions to be marked as both writable and executable -- the very thing that would defeat Verified boot. If the process writing into these memory regions were compromised, or if another process gained access to these memory regions, Verified boot could be bypassed by just writing to these memory regions and then jumping to this code.

Unfortunately it’s not currently possible to fully get rid of JIT engines since the Chrome browser uses V8 to process Javascript, and V8 uses JIT compilation. What we can do is restrict the way that JIT engines work in ChromeOS to try to keep them as safe as possible: