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On occasion changes are made to some component of the Chromium OS source that are not backwards-compatible with existing chroots. When this happens a "chroot version hook" should be used to make whatever changes are necessary to an existing chroot to make it compatible. Often this involves deleting some previously compiled/generated component in order to force it to be compiled/generated again. Another possible scenario is when there is a Chromium OS source change that is dependent on a change coming in a future version of the SDK, a version hook is needed to bridge that gap between SDK releases and make that change directly in existing chroots (e.g. a config file change).


The version hooks all exist under src/scripts/chroot_version_hooks.d. Each hook script has a name that begins with "<num>_", where <num> is an integer that represents the version number of a chroot. Whenever a new chroot is entered (via cros_sdk) or cros build-packages is run all upgrade hooks with versions newer than the chroot version are run (in sequential order) to upgrade the chroot to the latest version.

Upgrade scripts can be arbitrary bash scripts. The best way to write a new script is to look for existing examples in chroot_version_hooks.d. With that said, the following example hook script will delete the build roots for all boards and all Chrome artifacts. This is needed, for example, when a toolchain uprev needs to be reverted. Everything built with the newer (bad) toolchain must be deleted.

# This is to clear the build roots for all boards to cope with a
# toolchain revert.
for board_root in /build/* ; do
  emerge_board=$(type -P emerge-${board} 2>/dev/null || true)
  if [[ -x "${emerge_board}" ]]; then	
    # It is a valid board.
    if [[ -d ${build} ]] ; then
      # The board has a build root to clear.
      info "Deleting ${board} build root at ${build}"
      sudo rm -rf ${build}
      info "Running setup_board --board=${board}"
      ~/trunk/src/scripts/setup_board --board=${board} --skip_chroot_upgrade
# Delete Chrome artifacts
sudo rm -rf /var/cache/chromeos-chrome/* || true