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🚧 The library is currently under construction. See the CrOS Developer Library Proposal for more information.


Tech Talks

Topic Video Slides Notes
Callbacks in Chromium Video Slides Discusses the pointers and functions you can provide to base::Bind[Once/Repeating](), and why you might choose one over the other in certain situations. Discusses design patterns and object lifetimes you should be thinking about.
ChromiumOS Fast Boot Video None available A description of the ChromiumOS fast bootup design.
ChromiumOS Security Video None available A description of the ChromiumOS security philosophy.
ChromiumOS & Open Source Video None available A description of the ChromiumOS open source development model.
ChromeOS Software Bluetooth 101 go/chromeos-software-bt-101 go/chromeos-software-bt-101-slides Improve your familiarity with the Bluetooth technology, understand the underlying effects of using Bluetooth APIs, and develop debug intuition.
WebUI Walkthrough TODO(jhawkins): Find the link to the video. Slides A walkthrough about the complexities of creating Web UI inside Chromium, including its build process. Information about Jelly/Jellybean is also given.
What is Google ChromeOS? Video None available A high-level description of the ChromeOS product.