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Autotest client helper libraries

This is a listing and brief explanation of the various helper methods available through autotest_lib.client.*. It is in no way comprehensive, and is only meant as an introduction to the topic:


|-audio |-camera |-cellular |---pseudomodem |-dhcp_test_data |-i2c |-rf |-saft

auth_server - auth

dns_server - auth httpd - auth constants - constants crash_test - crash programs, get dumps cros_logging - logging cros_ui - ui, session manager, login cryptohome - cryptohome vaults

login - wait_for_(browser, window manager, ownership) network - Modem, IP pkcs11 - chapsd, TPM power_* - power storage - storage devices sys_power - wakeup, suspend




devserver |-hosts (Autotest Host base classes) |-perf_expectations |-test_utils

autotemp - autotest temp dir creation helpers

base_utils - ‘run’ and other system level helpers

error - different error classes




|-input |-net |-self-test |---tests

base_utils - linux sysadmin helper: grep, disk, cpu, environ

site_utils - systems level helper: ping hosts, board type. utils - base+site utils

test - main test class

unit_test - main unit_test class

If you have come this far, you may also be interested in reading the autotest client tests codelab.