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Getting started with glmark2


This guide describes how to download, modify, and build the glmark2 suite. glmark2 is an OpenGL (ES) 2.0 benchmark maintained by the Linaro Graphics Working group. Their site is: This guide is intended for anyone who wishes to use glmark2 in Chromium OS, as well as developers who wish to improve it.

What is OpenGL ES?

OpenGL ES is a subset of the OpenGL API that is designed for embedded systems. It lacks many of the functions of OpenGL. glmark2 supports both regular OpenGL and OpenGL ES. Read more about it:

How to build and run glmark2 on your Linux machine

Before running it on Chromium OS, you might find it useful to run glmark2 on your Linux development workstation. You can build glmark2 on a Linux workstation using the following steps: In the terminal, go to a local folder and clone the upstream repo:

git clone git://
cd glmark2

The instructions to build and install are in the INSTALL file. You can reference that or follow these instructions:

sudo -i                        # install as root
./waf configure --enable-gl    # setup for installing glmark2 with regular OpenGL
./waf                          # build it!
./waf install                  # installs files into /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/share/glmark2

Once installed, run glmark2 using the command:


How to build and run glmark2 in Chromium OS

glmark2 has been incorporated into Chromium OS as a third party git repository, so it can be built using emerge. glmark2 depends on mesa. First, you need to build mesa with the following command:

USE="egl gbm gles1 gles2 shared-glapi" emerge-<board> mesa

**Temporary workaround step: Save the glmark2 ebuild file that's attached to this page (see below) into third_party/chromiumos-overlay/media-libs/glmark2. Then build glmark2 using:

USE="glesv2 drm" emerge-<board> glmark2

When this done, install it on your Chromium OS target machine. From the target machine, run:

gmerge -n mesa
gmerge -n glmark2

Once it has been installed, run glmark2 with one of the following commands:

glmark2                    # with OpenGL
glmark2-es2                # with OpenGL ES v2
glmark2-es2-drm            # with OpenGL ES v2 and without X

Developing for glmark2

In your Chromium OS development chroot, go to ~/trunk/src/third_party/glmark2. You can modify the source code here. To change build options, update third_party/chromiumos-overlay/media-libs/glmark2/glmark2-9999.ebuild. Once your changes are up and running, you can send them upstream.