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45W USB Type-C charging adapter control board


The 45W USB Type-C charging adapter control board implements the controls for a charging adapter for a USB Type-C enabled device.

Hardware Capabilities

This board provides the following features, to enable USB Type-C based power charger design:

<img alt="image"

src="/chromium-os/minimuffin/45W%20Type-C%20Adapter%20Control%20Board%20150710.gif" height=259 width=400>

For schematic, see the attached file at the bottom of this page.

Firmware Source Code

The firmware is located In the Chromium Embedded Controller repository under board/zinger/ :

Building Firmware

Within your Chromium OS chroot, the syntax is:

cd ~/trunk/src/platform/ec
make BOARD=zinger

Flashing Firmware

The firmware is normally flashed via the kernel, as part of the Chrome OS Auto-Update process. Payloads are located in /lib/firmware/cros-pd.

When the adapter is connected to a Chrome device, you can manually flash the read-write firmware as follows:

ectool --cros_pd flashpd 4 <port> /tmp/

The device must be in developer mode to run the ectool command. After running this command, the firmware is located in ~/trunk/src/platform/ec/build/zinger/ec.bin