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Unit Tests

We run unit tests using the Portage test FEATURE. For instructions on how to run and add your own unit tests, follow these instructions.

Testing Workflows

Here's a description of some common developer workflows

When iterating on a test, you might save some time by using the autotest_quickmerge tool.

Testing Components

These documents discuss test cases and (eventually) test suites.


Autotest User Doc describes the integration of autotest into the build system, along with FAQ and specific descriptions of various tasks.

This has additional info on how to run the smoke test suite on a Virtual Machine.

Before you check in a change, you should also do a trybot run locally, which will run unit tests and smoke tests in the same way that the builders do.


Writing Tests & Suites


MobLab is a self-contained automated test environment running on a Chromebox.

Design Docs


Servo is a debug board for Chromium OS test and development. It can connect to most Chrome devices through a debug header on the mainboard.