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Works With Chromebook Certified SKUs

Works With Chromebook accessories are tested and proven to meet Chromebook compatibility standards. For more see the Works With Chromebook site
Last Update: 1 July 2021

Sub-CategoryPartnerProduct SKU NumberASINModel # & Product Name/Description/Color
External Storage
Western DigitalWDBPKJ0040BBKB07VTW2LPXMyPassport 4TB (microB)
Western DigitalWDBYVG0010BBK-WESN, WDBYVG0010BBK-CESNB07VTWX8MNMy Passport 1TB (microB, 1TB Black)
Western DigitalWDBYVG0010BBL-WESN, WDBYVG0010BBL-CESNB07VTWX8MNMy Passport 1TB (microB, 1TB Sky)
Western DigitalWDBYVG0010BRD-WESN, WDBYVG0010BRD-CESNB07VTWX8MNMy Passport 1TB (microB, 1TB Red)
Western DigitalWDBYVG0010BWT-WESN, WDBYVG0010BWT-CESNB07VTWX8MNMy Passport 1TB (microB, 1TB White)
Western DigitalWDBYVG0020BBK-WESN, WDBYVG0020BBK-CESNB07VTFN6HMMy Passport 2TB (microB, Black)
Western DigitalWDBYVG0020BBL-WESN, WDBYVG0020BBL-CESNB07VTFN6HMMy Passport 2TB (microB, Sky)
Western DigitalWDBYVG0020BRD-WESN, WDBYVG0020BRD-CESNB07VTFN6HMMy Passport 2TB (microB, Red)
Western DigitalWDBYVG0020BWT-WESN, WDBYVG0020BWT-CESNB07VTFN6HMMy Passport 2TB (microB, White)
Western DigitalWDBPKJ0050BBK-WESN, WDBPKJ0050BBK-CESNMy Passport 5TB (microB, Black)
Western DigitalWDBPKJ0050BBL-WESN, WDBPKJ0050BBL-CESNMy Passport 5TB (microB, Sky)
Western DigitalWDBPKJ0050BRD-WESN, WDBPKJ0050BRD-CESNMy Passport 5TB (microB, Red)
Western DigitalWDBPKJ0050BWT-WESN, WDBPKJ0050BWT-CESNMy Passport 5TB (microB, White)
Western DigitalSDSQUB3-200G-AW6MA200GB SanDisk Ultra PLUS UHS-I microSD Memory Card
Western DigitalSDSQUB3-128G-AN6TN128GB SanDisk Ultra PLUS UHS-I microSD Memory Card
Western DigitalSDSQUA4-064G64GB SanDisk Ultra UHS-I microSD Memory Card
Western DigitalSDSQUA4-128G128GB SanDisk Ultra UHS-I microSD Memory Card
Western DigitalSDSQUA4-256G256GB SanDisk Ultra UHS-I microSD Memory Card
Western DigitalSDSQUAR-128G-GN6MAB073JYC4XM128GB SanDisk Ultra UHS-I microSD Memory Card
LenovoGXB0Z91290, GXB0Z91295External storage
Gaming Controller
Google6428982Stadia Controller (H2B)
Steel Series69075Stratus Duo Controller
Logitech940-000117F710 Gamepad
Logitech940-000110F310 Gamepad
ElecomJC-U4113SBKGamepad Wireless Black 293
Headset (corded)
EPOS504403 (1000516)IMPACT SC 230 USB
EPOS504404 (1000517)IMPACT SC 260 USB
EPOS506482 (1000579)IMPACT SC 230 USB MS II
EPOS506483 (1000578)IMPACT SC 260 USB MS II
EPOS1000907ADAPT 135 II
EPOS1000908ADAPT 165 II
Lenovo4XD0X88524 / GXD1B67867B089QLHPFMLenovo Stereo USB Headset
Lenovo4XD0K25030 / GXD1B60597B018I4YICALenovo Essential Stereo Analog Headset
Lenovo4XD1B61617Lenovo Mono USB Headset
Logitech981-000507H340 USB Computer Headset
Logitech981-000510H540 USB Computer Headset
Logitech981-000710H370 USB Computer Headset
Logitech981-000612H111 Stereo Headset
Logitech981-000014H390 USB Computer Headset

Sennheiser508328PC 5 CHAT
ElecomHS-HP27UBKOverhead USB Headset (USB-A)
Speakers (bluetooth)
Logitech980-001294Z207 (Black)
Logitech980-001292Z207 (White) (EU)
Logitech980-001293Z207 (White) (UK)
TargusACH226BTUSB-C to 4-Port USB-A Hub
TargusACH226EUUSB-C to 4-Port USB-A Hub (Germany)
TargusACH226CAUSB-C to 4-Port USB-A Hub (Canada)
Keyboard (bluetooth)
Logitech920-009270K580 Slim Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard Chrome OS Edition
Logitech988-000070B006DIA77ESnowball iCE USB Microphone (White)
Logitech988-000067Snowball iCE USB Microphone (Black)
Logitech988-000103B002VA464SYeti USB-Silver
Logitech988-000100Yeti USB-Blackout Edition
Logitech988-000101Yeti USB-Midnight Blue
Logitech988-000104Yeti White Out USB Microphone
Logitech988-000073Snowball White USB Microphone
Logitech988-000068Snowball Brushed Aluminum USB Microphone
Logitech988-000069Snowball Gloss Black USB Microphone
Logitech988-000088B07DTTGZ7MBlue Mic Yeti Nano
MonitorHP2H3Y8AA#ABAHP M27fd USB-C Monitor
Mouse (bluetooth)
Logitech910-005770Pebble Wireless Mouse M350 (White)
Logitech910-005769Pebble Wireless Mouse M350 (Rose)
Logitech910-005773Pebble Wireless Mouse M350 (Blue Grey)
Logitech910-005743Pebble Wireless Mouse M350 (Graphite)
Mouse (corded)
Logitech910-001439B003L62T7WB100/M100/M100R Corded Mouse (Black)
KensingtonK72110USB011COBTBGMouse for Life Corded
KensingtonK72356USB002ZIN9DUMouse-in-a-Box Wired USB
Lenovo Essential USB Mouse(Black)
Lenovo Essential USB Mouse(White)
Lenovo 300 USB Mou
ElecomM-K5URBK /RSUSB optical mouse (S size )
ElecomM-K6URBK /RSUSB optical mouse (M size )
ElecomM-S2ULBK/RSUSB Laser mouse (M size )
ElecomM-K7URBK/RSWired 3 buttons Red LED mouse
ElecomM-Y8UBBKBlueLED 3 buttons wired mouse
ElecomM-XGS10UBBKEX-G wired BlueLED mouse(S)
ElecomM-XGM10UBBKEX-G wired BlueLED mouse(M)
ElecomM-XGM10DBBKEX-G Wireless BlueLED Mouse (M)
ElecomM-XGL10UBBKEX-G wired BlueLED mouse (L)
ElecomM-XGS10UBSBKSilent EX-G wired BlueLED mouse (S)
ElecomM-XGM10UBSBKSilent EX-G wired BlueLED mouse (M)
ElecomM-XGL10UBSBKSilent EX-G wired BlueLED mouse (L)
Mouse (wireless dongle)
AcerGP.MCE11.00SAcer Wireless Optical Mouse M501 - black
AcerGP.MCE11.00YAcer Wireless Optical Mouse M501 - white
AcerGP.MCE11.01JAcer Wireless Optical Mouse AMR020
AcerGP.MCE11.01KAcer Wireless Mouse M502 (US)
AcerGP.MCE11.012Acer Wireless Mouse M502 (SA)
HP3FV66AA#ABBHP Wireless Mouse 220
HPV0L79AA#ABLHP Wireless Mouse Z3700
HP2HU83AA#ABAHP Wireless Mouse 200
KensingtonK72392USAB011COBVYGMouse for Life Wireless
KensingtonK72352USB0050SPZMKOrbit Wireless Trackball Mouse
Logitech910-005764M317 Wireless Mouse / M235 (EMEA) (Black)
Logitech910-003416M317 Wireless Mouse / M235 (EMEA) (Black)
Logitech910-002974B007T1CTDEM325 Wireless Mouse (Black)
Logitech910-005754Compact Wireless Mouse (Blue)
Logitech910-001935B003TG75EGM705 Marathon Wireless Mouse
Logitech910-005661M325C (Urban Grey)
Logitech910-005660M325C (Urban Lagoon)
Logitech910-005659M325C (Urban Sunset)
Logitech910-005658M325C (Himalayan Fern)
Logitech910-005657M325C (Forest Floral)
Logitech910-005656M325C (Summer Bouquet)
Logitech910-004678M325C (Flamingo)
Logitech910-004753M325C (Memphis Black)
Logitech910-004744M325C (Memphis Blue)
Logitech910-004745M325C (Zigzag Red)
Logitech910-005662M325C (Blue Camo)
Logitech910-001675M310 Wireless Mouse
Logitech910-001822M510 Wireless Laser Mouse
Logitech910-004908M330/M280 Silent Plus
Logitech910-004287M330/M280 Silent Plus
Logitech910-004301M330/M280 Silent Plus
Logitech910-004303M330/M280 Silent Plus
Logitech910-004305M330/M280 Silent Plus
Logitech910-002696Wireless Mouse M525
ElecomM-DY12DBBK3 buttons BlueLED wireless mouse
ElecomM-DY13DBBK5 buttons BlueLED wireless mouse
ElecomM-XGS10DBBKEX-G wireless BlueLED mouse (S)
ElecomM-XGM10DBBKEX-G wireless BlueLED mouse (M)
ElecomM-XGL10DBBKEX-G wireless BlueLED mouse (L)
ElecomM-XGS10DBSBKSilent EX-G wireless BlueLED mouse (S)
ElecomM-XGM10DBSBKSilent EX-G wireless BlueLED mouse (M)
ElecomM-XGL10DBSBKSilent EX-G wireless BlueLED mouse (L)
BrotherHL-L2370DWB076Q1FK19HL-L2370DW (US)
BrotherHL-L2375DWB07D33WZ2ZHL-L2375DW (JP only)
BrotherHL-L3230CDWB07G235ZPNHL-L3230CDW (JP)
BrotherHL-L2350DWB0763WDSYZHL-L2350DW(FR, BEL, HOL)
Pen Tablet
WacomCTL-472One by Wacom small
WacomCTL-672One by Wacom medium
WacomCTL-4100Wacom Intuos S
WacomCTL-6100Wacom Intuos M
USB-C Cables
StartechUSB315C5C6B07G97CJZHUSB-C cable 1.8m/6ft with Power Delivery 5A (5Gbps)
Lenovo4X90Q59480B079QC7JSZ3a Gen1 C-C USB-C Cable (2m)
AnkerA8862PowerLine +3 C-C 3ft cable 2.0
AnkerA8863PowerLine +3 C-C 6ft cable 2.0
USI Stylus
HP8NN78AA#ABLHP USI Active Stylus
B08M4FHJWMLenovo USI Pen
TargusAMM173GLActive Stylus for Chromebook
ElecomP-TPUSI0BKUSI Stylus
Wall Chargers
AnkerA2017B07Q8SHX5DPowerPort Atom 30W Charger
AnkerB2017B07Q8SHX5DPowerPort Atom 30W Charger/Cable Bundle
ElecomACDC-PD0145BKUSB Type-C PD45w AC Adapter
ElecomACDC-PD0465BKUSB Type-C PD65w AC Adapter
HPX7W50AA#ABLHP Travel USB-C AC Adapter 65W
BelkinWCH002dqWHUSB-C GaN Wall Charger 60W
AnkerA8482B07Q8SHX5DPowerLine II 6ft C-C cable
Logitech960-001385C505e HD Webcam
Logitech960-000694C270 HD Webcam
Logitech960-000764C920 HD Pro Webcam
Logitech960-000585C310 HD Webcam
Logitech960-000971C930E Business Webcam
ElecomUCAM-C310FBBK1 million Pixels Webcamera
Cables / Adapters
AcerGP.DNG11.005Type C (Gen 2) Cable with 1M length
ALOGICELPCC201-BKPRO USB-C to USB-C Cable (USB 2.0), 1m, Black
ALOGICELPCC201-WHPRO USB-C to USB-C Cable (USB 2.0), 1m, White
ALOGICELPCC202-BKPRO USB-C to USB-C Cable (USB 2.0), 2m, Black
ALOGICELPCC202-WHPRO USB-C to USB-C Cable (USB 2.0), 2m, White
BelkinCAB002bt2MBKBraided USB-C to USB-A Cable 6.6 ft
BelkinCAB001bt2MBKUSB-C to USB-A Cable 6.6 ft
BelkinF2CU038btBLKB01I2TTCTKUSB Type C to HDMI External Adapter
BelkinF2CU037btBLKB014FBQ00IUSB Type C to VGA Adapter
BelkinF2CU036btBLKB00WJSPWRMUSB 3.0, TYPE C-USB Adapter
BelkinF2CU038btBLK-MGUSB Type C to HDMI External Adapter
BelkinF2CU037btBLK-MGUSB Type C to VGA Adapter
BelkinF2CU036btBLK-MGUSB 3.0, TYPE C-USB Adapter
Cable Matters201245-GRY-6B0815BZSGWUSB-C 3.1 Gen 1 Cable (PD 2.0), 6 Foot
Cable Matters201013-BLKB00X4S587KUSB-C Ethernet Adapter
Cable Matters201246-GRYB07YN6W6TYUSB-C Multiport Adapter with 4K 60Hz DisplayPort
Cable Matters201248-GRYB07YN81KP8USB-C Multiport Adapter with 4K 60Hz HDMI
Cable Matters201236-GRY-6B07YN74KZTUSB-C to DisplayPort Cable
Cable Matters201262-GRY-6B07YN7RHGTUSB-C to HDMI Cable
Cable Matters201206-GRY-1.5B07YQ66K42USB-C to Micro USB 3.1 Gen 2 Cable
Cable Matters201235-GRY.1mB0815PHMN9USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 Cable (PD 3.0)
Cable Matters201213-GRYB07YN7RT8WUSB-C Ethernet Adapter
Cable Matters201041-BLK-1mB06XMY49BM10 Gbps Gen 2 USB A - USB C Cable (USB C to USB Cable), Black 3.3 Feet
J5CreateJUP2290JUP2290 100W PD USB-C™ Super Charger
J5 CreateJUCX05JUCX05 USB Type-C™ 3.1 to Type-A Adapter
KensingtonK33993WWB01FW2W9D6USB-C 4K HDMI Adaptor
KensingtonK33994WWB01FW2W7GAUSB-C HD VGA Adaptor
Lenovo4X90Q93303 (GX90Q93306, GX90Q93307, GX90Q93308)B07C52LQVGUSB-C to DP
Lenovo4X90M42956 (GX90M44574, GX90M44575, GX90M44578, GX90M44580)B01MSEW57HUSB-C to VGA
Lenovo4X90S91831B07HL1BG4XUSB-C to Ethernet
Lenovo4X90R61022 (GX90R61025, GX90R61026)Lenovo USB-C to HDMI 2.0b Adapter
Lenovo4X90M42956 (GX90M44574, GX90M44575, GX90M44578, GX90M44580)Lenovo USB-C to VGA Adapter
StartechUSB31000SAUSB 3.0 to Gigabit Network Adapter - Silver
StartechUSB31CAADPB00YEDR1KGUSB-C to USB-A Adapter Cable - M/F - 6in - USB 3.0 - USB-IF Certified
StartechUSB31AC1MUSB3 Gen2 1m A-C 3a cable
StartechDP14MM2MB07KCZ6L4L6.5ft. (2 m) DisplayPort 1.4 Cable - VESA® Certified
StartechRHDMM2MPB082LHHC2F2 m (6.6 ft.) Premium High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet - 4K 60Hz
ElecomU2C-CC5P30NBKUSB2.0 3.0m C-C 5a
ElecomU2C-CC5P40NBKUSB2.0 4.0m C-C 5a
ElecomU2C-CC5P20NBKUSB2.0 2.0m C-C 5a
ElecomU2C-CC5P15NBKUSB2.0 1.5m C-C 5a
ElecomU2C-CC5P10NBKUSB2.0 1.0m C-C 5a
ElecomU2C-CC5P05NBKUSB2.0 0.5m C-C 5a
ElecomUSB3-CC5P10NBKUSB3.1Gen2 1.0m C-C 5a
ElecomUSB3-CC5P05NBKUSB3.1Gen2 0.5m C-C 5a
ElecomUSB3-AFCM01NBKUSB3.1Gen1 0.15m C-to-A Adapter
ElecomUSB3-CCP05NBKUSB3.1Gen2 0.5m C-C 3a 619
ElecomUSB3-AC05NBKUSB3.1Gen2 0.5m A-C 3a 718
ElecomUSB3-AC10NBKUSB3.1Gen2 1.0m A-C 3a 725
ElecomU2C-AC30NBKUSB2.0 3.0m A-C 3a 329
ElecomU2C-AC20NBKUSB2.0 2.0m A-C 3a 312
ElecomU2C-AC10NBKUSB2.0 1.0m A-C 3a 299
ElecomU2C-AC15NBKUSB2.0 1.5m A-C 3a 305
ElecomU2C-AC40NBKUSB2.0 4.0m A-C 3a 336
ElecomU2C-AC05NBKUSB2.0 0.5m A-C 3a 282
ElecomUSB3-CCP10NBKUSB3.1Gen2 1.0m C-C 3a 629