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Read the General Chromium/Clang wiki page first.

We want to keep chromium buildable with clang. Clang warns about more things than gcc, so here are some things that need to be done even gcc doesn't complain about them:

No const NSString*s

All of Cocoa takes non-const NSObjects, and passing a const NSString * to a function that takes NSString * is a const violation. gcc doesn't complain about this, but clang intentionally does. constness is usually done via immutable base classes and mutable subclasses in Cocoa anyway, so getting rid of const isn't that bad. Also, we don't really have a choice. There is a good chance what you are actually after is NSString * const.

Converting between CFTypes and NSTypes

The proper way to convert a CFType to a corresponding NSType is to use CFToNSCast.

#include "base/mac/foundation_util.h"


NSString *ns_string = base::mac::CFToNSCast(cf_string);

CFToNSCast avoids any ugly double C++ casts that you may dream up, is clang safe, and only allows you to convert between properly toll-bridged types.

All properties are nonatomic

nonatomic: Some of our classes have custom setters that are not @synchronized. If the @property for that is not non-atomic, then the interface claims that the method is synchronized but the implementation actually isn't. That's a bug. gcc happens not to complain about this, but clang does. Since we shouldn't need atomic properties anywhere, the simple rule is now to just make all properties nonatomic.