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Gesture Recognizer Tests


Gesture Events:

Aborting Gesture Events:



  1. If a touch is already locked to a target, keep it.
    • GestureRecognizerTest.GestureEventTouchLockSelectsCorrectWindow
  2. If a window is capturing touches, target that window.
    • WindowTest.TouchCaptureTests
    • WindowTest.TouchCaptureCancelsOtherTouches
    • WindowTest.TouchCaptureDoesntCancelCapturedTouches
  3. If it's outside the root window, target the root window.
    • SystemGestureEventFilterTest.TapOutsideRootWindow
    • GestureRecognizerTest.GestureEventOutsideRootWindowTap
  4. If it's near another touch, use the other touch's target.
    • GestureRecognizerTest.GestureEventTouchLockSelectsCorrectWindow
  5. Otherwise, use whichever window the touch is above.
    • None