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Default Apps

Branded Chrome builds ship with a few default apps (Gmail, YouTube, etc.) that are installed for new users. Default apps are implemented using a variant of the external extensions mechanism.

Adding a new default app

  1. Locate the app in the Chrome Web Store
  2. Select the "Debug" tab
  3. Save its .crx using the "CRX Package Download: Published version" link
  4. Copy the .crx to src/chrome/browser/resources/default_apps.
  5. Add it to external_extensions.json and common.gypi (look for default_apps_list and default_apps_list_linux_dest)

Testing your changes by making a branded build is tedious. Instead you can manually copy the default apps directory in your build output, e.g.:

$ cp -r chrome/browser/resources/default_apps out/Debug/

Then you can start chrome with out/Debug/chrome --user-data-dir=/tmp/<somenewdir> to simulate the new user experience.

For an example, see the changelist that added Google Docs as a default app.