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How Extension Docs Are Served

The documentation for Chrome extensions and apps is served at and by Google App Engine.

See to learn how the extension/app docs are generated.

Contributing documentation

Have you found an error in the documentation? Either submit a patch (see below) or file a bug with label Cr-Platform-Extensions at the the issue tracker.

  1. Check out Chromium's source code, see Get the Code: Checkout, Build, Run & Submit (gclient runhooks is optional for this purpose).
  2. Find the relevant file that you need to edit (e.g. by visiting and pasting a quoted snippet from the page that you want to edit).
  3. To view the documentation locally, run src/chrome/common/extensions/docs/server2/ (this will serve the documentation at http://localhost:8888, add -p [port] to serve on a different port).
  4. After updating the documentation, upload the patch to (see also: Contributing Code).
  5. Others can preview your changes by visiting*[issue id]*/extensions/ (or /apps/).