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History API


void search(HistoryQuery query, void callback(HistoryItem[] results))

void clear(HistoryQuery query) // defaults to clearing all. Should we prompt?

// NOTE: these could be done in a v2 -- I don't see huge use cases for them, except perhaps for synchronization.

void create({int date, string url, string title, [string favIconUrl], [int fromId]}, [void callback(HistoryItem result)])

event onHistoryItemCreated(HistoryItem new)

event onHistoryItemRemoved(HistoryItem removed)

struct HistoryItem {

int id

int date

string url

string title

string favIconUrl

int fromId

int totalVisitCount

int totalTypedCount


struct HistoryQuery {

// limited to 100, defaults to current day.

optional int[] ids

optional string search

optional Date startDate

optional Date endDate