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Salient Bug List

For reference, some bugs that may be useful to have an easy list for (usually for duping). Feel free to edit this list as you feel moved.

FTP directory listing fails with pt-br locale (Bug reports may consist of a single line description alluding to a FTP error) 177428
Auto-execution of JNLP files don't work 92846
Open With 333
Downloads Interrupted by Sleep 110497
Can't download PDF as binary/octet-stream 104331
Downloading a URL already downloading but paused hangs 100529
Make MHTML a Save Page As ... format 120416
Downloads resumption/resume interrupted downloads 7648
Make pdf a Save Page As ... format 116749
Make a whole lot of things a Save Page As .. format 113888
Mac circumvention of downloads warning dialog incorrect for last incognito window close 88419
Downloads fail with 'Insufficient Permissions' error 161793