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Submitting a Performance Bug

For more advanced use cases, click for advanced instructions.

Note: Uploading a trace to Google may share personal information such as the titles and URLs of open tabs.


  1. Connect the Android device to a host PC

  2. Navigate the host PC to chrome://inspect?tracing

  3. Find the instance of Chrome on your device you'd like to trace and click on the "trace" link.

  1. Follow the Desktop instructions starting from step 2.


  1. In the address bar of a new tab, type chrome://tracing

  2. In the upper left, press the Record button.

  1. In the dialog that opens, select Manually select settings

  1. Under Record Categories, click All.

  2. In the lower right, click Record.

  3. Complete whatever action reproduces the performance issue: opening a new tab, navigating to a certain website, scrolling a page, etc. If possible, the duration of your recording should be about 10 seconds or less.

  4. Return to the tracing tab and press Stop.

  1. When the recording has been imported, click Save at the top of the screen, then choose where to save it on your computer.

  1. File a new performance bug. Make sure to add a descriptive title, your Chrome version, your operating system and version, URLs (if applicable), and details about your issue.

  2. Click Attach a file and locate the trace file you saved in step 7. There is a 10MB limit, so you may need to compress the file first.

  3. In the bottom left, click Submit Issue. Thank you!