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Meet the Web Platform Companion Guide

Last updated 3/13/12

The web platform is composed of a large collection of interoperable standards that represent a solid foundation for building powerful apps. New standards are born on the cutting edge, where various organizations experiment with new capabilities. Those capabilities that capture the imagination of the broader community may eventually become a formal part of the web platform. The demos in the Meet the Web Platform videos show a few examples of some of the cool stuff you can do on the cutting edge of the web platform. Not all of these capabilities have been standardized yet, some only work in Chrome today, and some are still actively being implemented in Chrome. This guide serves as a companion to the videos, providing more context on each demo and the technology that powers them.

Building on Foundations

Web Components

Blocks are easy to style, and everything is a block

Improved layout primitives

Debugging on mobile

World Class Developer Tools

Powerful Text Layout

Learning from Other Platforms

Push notifications


Web Intents

On the Cutting Edge


Web Audio


NaCl and GamePad