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mus+ash (pronounced "mustash") is a project to separate the window management and shell functionality of ash from the chrome browser process. The benefit is performance isolation for system components outside of the browser, and a sharper line between what components are considered part of the ChromeOS UX and what are part of the browser. mus+ash is built on top of the external Mojo shell built from src/mojo/runner and the Mandoline UI Service ("Mus").

  • Intent to Implement on chromium-dev with high level tactical details
  • Bugs
  • Googlers: See go/mustash-intro and go/mustash-ui

Build Instructions
mus+ash builds only for Chrome OS (either for device or on Linux with target_os="chromeos"). It requires aura and toolkit_views.

Build the basic mash shell:
ninja -C out/foo mash:all

Build the basic mash shell and Chrome:
ninja -C out/foo mash:all chrome

out/foo/mash --service=mash_session

You can launch apps (eg. views_examples and task_viewer) from the QuickLaunch window.

By default, each service will run in its own process, including chrome and all of chrome's renderers.

For debugging you can pass --wait-for-debugger which will show an alert box on Windows before starting each new process. The message box will show the name of the service.