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SlickEdit Editor Notes

SlickEdit is a paid multi-platform IDE / text editor. (Googlers have a site license) with many features. Notably:


  1. Context tagging is much faster with multiple background threads. In settings search for and set:
    1. Number of tagging threads to start: 8
    2. Create dedicated tagging thread for reading: Off
  2. Languages: Applications: C/C++: Formatting: Google Style

Project & Workspace

  1. Create a Workspace
    1. Project: New: Workspace: Blank
    2. Give it a name that will be different than the project, so that you can later create other projects that include the same project and not have the project & workspace tag file names collide.
    3. src/.. directory is a reasonable place to create this.
    4. Files will be created:
      1. workspace.vpw (tiny config listing the projects included)
      2. workspace.vpwhistu (window layout, etc)
      3. workspace.vtg (tag file, can become large though settings below will keep it small)
  2. Create a Project
    1. Project: New: Project: (Other)
    2. Name it uniquely from the workspace.
    3. Files will be created
      1. project.vpj
      2. project.vtg (if you change the project setting, as below, and will be large)
    4. Change project setting to add tag files to a project specific tag file.
      1. (Done on project settings, Files tab, bottom of dialog)
      2. This will allow you to quickly switch between multiple workspaces having different saved window layouts without incurring a cost to re-tag the project.
    5. Add Tree...
      1. For each sub-path of interest (all of 'src' would be overkill, but you can include most of it. Come back and add directories as you have the need):
        1. Select src/directory of interest
        2. exclude: .svn/;.git
        3. Select 'Add as wildcard'
    6. has an example, you may copy paste the project folders to your own to bootstrap.
  3. Optionally create additional workspaces to make it easy to switch between tasks with many files open and tiled window layout saved.
    1. StackOverflow answer on How to save and restore window layout in SlickEdit?