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Telemetry: Profile Generation

By default, Telemetry runs all benchmarks in a fresh, clean profile. This isn't always desirable for benchmarking. To run with other types of profiles, use either --profile-type or --profile-dir.



A path to a profile to use. This is useful with generated profiles.

Generated profiles

Because the canned profile-types may exhibit unrealistic behavior in benchmarks (due to profile initialization or update routines), it is useful to be able to generate a deterministic profile for benchmarking. To do so:

$ tools/perf/generate_profile --profile-type-to-generate=<PROFILE_TYPE> --output-dir=/path/to/output/profile

<PROFILE_TYPE> may be small_profile, theme_profile or many_extensions_profile.

Generated profile output directories should then be passed to --profile-dir. For example, to run the session_restore benchmark:

$ tools/perf/generate_profile --profile-type-to-generate=small_profile --output-dir=out/Release/generated_profile

$ tools/perf/run_benchmark --profile-dir=out/Release/generated_profile/small_profile session_restore.cold.typical_25

Profile generation is in the process of being updated to generate more realistic profiles. This is still a work in progress. To try it out, run:

$ tools/perf/generate_profile --profile-type-to-generate=large_profile --browser=exact --browser-executable={path_to_executable} --use-live-sites --output-dir=/path/to/output/profile