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Telemetry: Cloud Storage

In order to reduce the size of the Chromium source checkout, Telemetry stores binaries in Cloud Storage. This includes:

Many benchmarks require these files to run, and will fail without them.

When recording performance tests, we generally don't call this script directly. Instead, we use update_wpr.

Set Up Cloud Storage

Install depot_tools

Follow these instructions to install depot_tools.

Request Access (for Google partners)

Many of the page set archives are in the chrome-partner-telemetry bucket, which is not accessible publicly. Google partners can request access by emailing or submitting a ticket here.

Authenticate into Cloud Storage

Some files in Cloud Storage include data internal to Google or its partners. To run benchmarks that rely on this data, you need to authenticate. Run the command below and follow the instructions for authentication with your corporate account.

$ python depot_tools/ config

When prompted with “What is your project-id?”, just enter 0. Note that this command is in depot_tools, not part of the Google Cloud SDK.


Telemetry has three Cloud Storage buckets you can put binary data in.

BSD-compatible support binaries should all go into PUBLIC_BUCKET so that everyone can use them.

Google wants to avoid legal issues with distributing third-party content, so to be safe, most recordings of websites on the public web go in PARTNER_BUCKET, which is accessible by Googlers and certain Google partners. Recordings of Google-properties on the public web can go in PUBLIC_BUCKET, and recordings of unreleased or internal Google websites go in INTERNAL_BUCKET.

Upload to Cloud Storage

Upload your files into the bucket “chromium-telemetry”

Put the target file in the directory you want it to be when downloaded from Cloud Storage, say path/to/target. Use this command to upload:

$ python depot_tools/ --bucket chromium-telemetry path/to/target

A SHA1 file path/to/target.sha1 will be generated for each uploaded file.

Check the .sha1 files into the repository

$ git add path/to/target.sha1

Download from Cloud Storage

Download the file in Python

from telemetry.util import cloud_storagecloud_storage.GetIfChanged('path/to/target', cloud_storage.PUBLIC_BUCKET)

Download the file manually

$ python depot_tools/ -s [target.sha1] -b chromium-telemetry