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Adding Performance Tests

Chrome runs a battery of performance tests against every build. These tests are monitored by the perf sheriffs for regressions. The best ways to ensure your feature stays fast and gets faster is to add a performance test.

  1. Create the test. Most new perf tests will want to use the Telemetry framework. All enabled Telemetry tests are automatically detected and run by the perf bots. If you know what you are doing and have a good reason not to use Telemetry, a perf test may be any program or script which outputs results in the format the builder understands. You'll need to edit the bot configurations to run the test.
  2. Announce it. When you add, remove, or change a test, you can email
  3. Monitor the results. Finally, monitor the results for regressions. Once the test is monitored, it will show up in the dashboard by default. To do so, use the "Report Issue > Request Monitoring for Tests" menu item on the perf dashboard, or email