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Adding new tests to the Main Chromium Waterfall

The main Chromium waterfall ( is policed by sheriffs to keep it green as possible. When adding a new test to these bots, it's important that the tests be free from flakiness and that the Try Server and CQ provide developers coverage for the test. See the design of the Chromium Commit Queue for details on how this works. Please coordinate with the Infra team and troopers while adding these tests.

Phase One - FYI

Make sure your test target is in one of the builder targets in all.gyp. Then add the test entries (GTestTestStep and BuildrunnerGTest) to chromium_factory. Finally put the test on the master.cfg for the platforms that make sense for the test. Watch these tests and eliminate any flakiness that arises.

Phase Two - Main Chromium Waterfall / TryServer

When the test has been declared stable, it's time to land it on the main Chromium waterfall. As these parts depend on each other, try to land all the following simultaneously (with a trooper's help):

  1. Add the test to chromium_trybot.json.
  2. Add the test to the appropriate bots in src/testing/buildbot/.
  3. Add your test to and CQ's

Most bots on the main Chromium waterfall have been converted to recipes, which have the simplified flow listed above. If you are adding tests to a non-recipe bot, contact infra-dev@.