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cross_fuzz is a DOM fuzzer, a good stress test for Chromium and any other browser.

To get cross_fuzz just add

"src/third_party/cross_fuzz": "",

to your "custom_deps" section in your .gclient and run gclient runhooks.

Your gclient file should look like this:

solutions = [

{ "name" : "src",

"url" : "",

"custom_deps" : {

"src/third_party/cross_fuzz": "",





To run cross_fuzz just point the browser to the third_party/cross_fuzz/cross_fuzz_randomized_20110105_seed.html page. Popup blocker should be disabled.

For automated runs you may use something like this:

out/Release/chrome --disable-popup-blocking --no-first-run --user-data-dir=$TEMPDIR \

--allow-file-access-from-files --noerrdialogs --disable-hang-monitor \


On Windows, you should use



#1234 is the random seed. Replace it with your own seed or remove it from the URL if you want cross fuzz to generate its own random seed.