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UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer (UBSan)

UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer (UBSan) is a fast undefined behavior detector implemented in Clang and Compiler-rt. Various computations will be instrumented to detect undefined behavior at runtime.

For now, only 64-bit Linux platform is tested. Various compile flags to use UBSan is available at

Building Chromium with UBSan

UBSan builds are experimentally supported by Chromium, and can be built as below. is_ubsan=true automatically enforces to use Clang as a build compiler. Please note that is_ubsan=true excludes -fsanitize=vptr, which is also part of the undefined behavior sanitizer.

gn args out/ubsan
# set is_ubsan = true
# set is_debug = false
ninja -C out/ubsan chrome

To use -fsanitize=vptr, the is_ubsan_vptr options can be used. is_ubsan_vptr loads the blocklist from src/tools/ubsan_vptr/ignorelist.txt.

gn args out/ubsan
# set is_ubsan_vptr = true
ninja -C out/ubsan chrome

Pre-built Chrome binaries are available at

Runtime Flags

UBSan also supports common runtime flags with UBSAN_OPTIONS like other sanitizers. Followings are UBSan specific runtime flags.