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How to contribute to GRIT

Please feel free to contribute patches to GRIT. If you have a new project using GRIT, please let us know by sending a message to the developer group (, and join the user group ( Also, note the regression test plan that describes how we ensure GRIT stays compatible with your project.

Those who send the occasional patch should ask one of the project committers (one of {benrg, brettw, flackr, gfeher, joaodasilva, joi, mal, markusheintz, mnissler, newt, pastarmovj, sergeyu, thakis, thestig, tony} to land their patch for them after review. Please read the following section on preparing patches for review.

Preparing Patches

You should read the user's guide and the design overview for background on the intended usage and design of GRIT. For more details or for help with how to design your patch, ask one of the project committers.

We use the Chromium depot_tools to upload patches to the Rietveld review tool. Please install the tools and then use git cl upload to upload a patch before you send it for review.

Before sending patches for review, make sure unit runs without warnings.

For large patches, it is advisable to discuss with committers on the project first, either by mailing a specific committer you think knows the code you are changing, or by mailing the developer list. It is also advisable to test large patches with Chromium before sending it for review, as it is the largest known open-source project using GRIT, so it exercises many features. To do this: