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For Chromium OS Sheriffing see Sheriff FAQ: Chromium OS

Contacting Sheriffs

The currently oncall sheriffs can be viewed in the top-left corner of the Chromium Main Console. You can also get in touch with sheriffs using the #sheriffing Slack channel.

What is a sheriff?

A sheriff's responsibility is to keep the Chromium main and branches green (tests are passing on all platforms) and open (changes can land). If a failure occurs, sheriffs will communicate, track down the cause of the breakage and the people responsible as possible. Chrome sheriffs are staffed by Chrome committers. For information on managing Chrome Sheriff rotations and How-Tos, see Chrome Sheriffing.

First time sheriff? Learn more about our Sheriffing Philosophy, please read How to be a Sheriff.

Available Sheriff Rotations

Chrome OS Sheriffs

Joining a sheriff rotation

The Chrome team runs a variety of sheriff rotations, and the process for joining them varies:

Some rotations might be timezone specific (Branch rotation is only monitored by PT sheriffs) while others (i.e. trunk sheriff rotation) are spread across multiple timezones across the world. You should be joining a rotation with an existing shifts during your local timezone.

Once you join a sheriff rotation, get started by reading How to be a Sheriff.