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Handling a failing test

File a bug:

At and leave as much context about the problem in the bug report. At least make sure to include the following in the bug report:

An example bug (Comment #0 demonstrates how to file the tracker, comment #1 shows the CL to disable the test)

The document outlining the disabled tests process is here.

Disable the test:

Prefix DISABLED_ to the name of the crashing/timing out test.

TEST(ExampleTest, CrashingTest) {


// Crashes on all platforms.  <>
TEST(ExampleTest, DISABLED_CrashingTest) {

If the test is crashing/timing out on a proper subset of the major platforms (some, but not all), use an #ifdef to only disable the test for those platforms.

// Crashes on Mac/Win only.  <>
#define MAYBE_CrashingTest DISABLED_CrashingTest
#define MAYBE_CrashingTest CrashingTest
TEST(ExampleTest, MAYBE_CrashingTest) {

Notice the use of the MAYBE_ moniker: it's possible that the name of the test is an identifier in the testing code, e.g., the name of the test is the same name as the method being tested in the test.

If the test is failing only on non-CQ, FYI bots (e.g. only when a specific WIP feature is enabled), then consider disabling the test using a filter file placed under //testing/buildbot/filters (and referring to the filter file in bot configuration using --test-launcher-filter-file).

FAILS_ and FLAKY_ are no longer used:

Previously FAILS_ and FLAKY_ prefixes were used to continue running tests and collecting results. Due to build bot slowdowns and false failures for developers we no longer do so. This was discussed in the Feb 2012 Disabling Flaky Tests thread.

FAILS_ and FLAKY_ are ignored by the builders and not run at all. To collect data for potential flaky tests, just enable them as normal, the builder will automatically retry any tests 3 tests, so the flakiness shouldn't cause any tree closures (but the flakiness dashboard will still be told of those flakes).

When you see "Running TestCase" in a browser_tests test:

Follow the appropriate step above, wrapping C++ lines with GEN(''); See WebUI browser_tests - conditionally run a test...

Disabling Java Tests:

Add @DisabledTest as explained in Android Tests.