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Chromite Butler

Gerrit: * Shows which file has been LGTMed by owners, which files are missing owner reviews etc. * Suggests a list of reviewers for files that still don't have an owner as a reviewer. * Allow adding OWNERS to the reviewer list. LUCI: * Shows the blame-list, and the list of failures for a particular bot. * Links to the changed files from for a particular run in a buildbot.

Flake linker

Chromium Buildbot Monitor

Displays your CL's status of the Chromium buildbot in the toolbar. Click to see more detailed status in a popup. As the old waterfall is no longer used, update the waterfall link:

Highlight Me in Buildbot

Highlight your commits on buildbot pages.

Version number helper for issue tracker Makes mouse-over-ing a version number in the chromium bug tracker show you what release it is.

Source Quicklinks Adds a page action to quickly jump between Code Search, Trac, ViewVC, and Gitweb.

Hide chromium code search banner Saves wasted screen space by removing banner on code search.

Chromium CodeSearch Theme

Displays the Code Search pages in customized themes and colored syntax highlighting. Contribute with new themes via github.

Colorize raw diffs on Adds git diff-style colors to "raw patch sets" on the code review site.

Googler-specific extensions Note: must be on google network to load this link.

Reload at a given interval Append ?reload=## to make automatically reload itself every so often.

Higher contrast buildbot colors Makes easier to read for colorblind people (more contrast). attachment reminder Prevents those embarrassing "screenshot attached" comments on bugs without actually attaching something.

Crbug-Tree Show a tree of dependent bugs in

Rietveld Usability Toolkit Various Rietveld tweaks (inline diffs, syntax highlighting, etc).

OmniChromium Adds Chromium search+autocomplete tools to the Omnibox: codesearch, commits by author, bugs, revisions.

Recent CrBugs Quickly access crbugs you have recently viewed.

TryBot Re-Runner Easily select failed trybots for re-running.

Open My Editor OME gives you a context menu for opening files in your editor on Chromium Code Search, Chromium Code Review, Chromium Build and Gerrit Code Review.

Stijl Dashboard showing all your code reviews at Gerrit/Rietveld in a single page. Also there is a Googler-only version with some internal presets.

Gerrit Monitor Monitor multiple Gerrit instances for CLs requiring attention.


==UTC to 12h local time converter== ==Convert UTC times to local (12h) times on (the tree status).==

Autocomplete for Adds autocomplete to email boxes on Now built-in to

WebKit Buildbot monitor Displays the status of the WebKit buildbot in the toolbar. Click to see more detailed status in a popup. Not useful after Blink fork.

Google Code enhancements for Chromium Inlined images and fix svn path in issues. svn path is now handled by

Chromium CodeSearch Searches for selected text in Chromium Code Search (github code).

==BuildBot Error== ==Helps find the error messages amidst all the stdio output on bots. Highly recommended for any committer.==

Chromium OS

Wicked Good Unarchiver Open standard *nix archive formats (e.g. tar.gz) using the Files app.

Tree Status Displays the openness / closedness of the Chrome OS build tree.

Iteration Viewer Shows the current Chromium OS Iteration when looking at the issue tracker.