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Using requestAutocomplete()

The FAQ has moved here.

See also the tutorial and HTML standard.

Tips and tricks for developing

  • When testing, you should tell Chrome to use Wallet's sandbox servers so that issued card numbers will not be chargeable. Go to about:flags and enable the "Use Wallet Sandbox servers" flag.
  • Developing with Chrome's early release channels (like dev and beta) will give you earlier access to bug fixes and improvements such as helpful debugging messages and better i18n support. However, the majority of your site's visitors are likely to be on the stable channel.
  • If rAc is not working for you, check the developer tools console to see if an error message was logged.
  • If you want to develop/test on an http:// site (no SSL cert), you can launch Chromium with the command line flag --reduce-security-for-testing
  • You can limit which address countries rAc shows by making a <select> with one <option> per supported country.
  • When a user chooses Wallet, they'll get a Virtual OneTime Card. That's the card your site will see.