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Constrained Windows: Basic Testing


Test case Steps Expected Result
  • Simple test: constrained window Log in to Google Talk in Gmail will load on left side. Click on any contact to open a chat window Pop-out the chat window. Chat window will open as a constrained window on the left side of the page ; title bar : default icon and title "name - chat - Google Chrome"
    Pop-up displayed in constrained window Visit any website which opens a pop-up If your settings are checked for : Options> Under the hood> Web Content : Notify me when a pop-up is blocked then blocked pop-up will be notified at bottom right side of the page with title bar : "Blocked pop-up" On clicking blocked pop-up, title bar will change to "default icon and title - Google Chrome". If no title then "default icon and Google Chrome"
    Play video in constrained window Visit any website which plays video in constrained window A constrained window will launch for the video link ; title bar : "default icon and title - google chrome"
    Constrained window - launch with and close with window.close() Visit Click Open window. Click Close window. After Step 2: A constrained window with height=200px and width=300px will be launched. After Step 3: The constrained window will be closed.