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Issue Tracker Query Syntax for Monorail Users

Use case Monorail syntax Issue Tracker syntax
Monorail canned queries "Open issues" is:open
"Open and owned by me" is:open assignee:me
"Open and reported by me" is:open reporter:me
"Open and starred by me" is:open star:true
"Open with comment by me" is:open commenter:me
"New issues" status:new
"Issues to verify" status:fixed
Full text search any text you want any text you want
Issue title search summary:calculation title:calculation
Issues assigned to someone
Issues assigned to yourself owner:me assignee:me
Issues without an owner -has:owner assignee:none
Issues with an owner has:owner -assignee:none
Issues with a particular label label:security hotlistid:1234

* Note: Most Monorail labels will be mapped to custom fields but some may be mapped to other concepts like hotlists.

Issues with a particular priority label:Priority-High


Search for issues in a component, including child components component:UI componentid:1234+
Search for issues in a component, excluding child components component=UI componentid:1234
Negating a search -component=UI -componentid:1234
Combining search operators status!=New owner:me component:UI -status:new assignee:me componentid:1234+
Searching for issues in a hotlist hotlist=username@domain:hotlistname hotlistid:1234
Find issues with a component (other than the Tracker root component) set has:component -componentid:1363614 componentid:1363614+

* Note: Issue Tracker does not have a concept of "componentless" issues, so we are treating issues attached directly to the root Chromium component (and not its children) as the equivalent of "componentless" issues in Monorail.

Find issues without a component -has:component componentid:1363614
Find issues inside the Chromium Tracker (from outside the Chromium Tracker) N/A, outside of Tracker search is not supported in Monorail trackerid:157
Search by multiple different possible priority values Priority:High,Medium priority:(p1|p2)
OR syntax Priority:High OR -has:owner priority:p1 OR -assignee:none
Complex query example Pri:0,1 (status:Untriaged OR -has:owner) priority:(p0|p1) (status:New OR assignee:none)
Custom field value search Milestone=2009 customfield1234:5678

* Note: This mapping assumes "Milestone" is a custom field. Some custom fields in Monorail may be mapped differently.

Find issues you've starred is:starred star:true
Find issues with a certain number of stars stars>10 votecount>10

* Note: Issue Tracker implements stars and +1 votes as separate concepts. On public issues, Issue Trackers allows users to both +1 and star an issue with one click, creating an experience similar to starring in Monorail.

Find issues with attachments has:attachments N/A, not supported
Find attachment by name (partial) attachment:screenshot attachment:screenshot
Find attachment by file extension attachment:png attachment:png
Find issues with a certain number of attachments attachments>10 N/A, not supported
Find issues opened after a certain date opened>2009/4/1 created>2009-04-01
Find issues modified in the last 20 days modified<today-20 modified:20d
Find issues modified by the owner in the last 20 days ownermodified>today-20 N/A, not supported