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Since Chromium is a huge project and Summer of Code is in just a few months, you will be a lot more successful tackling these projects if you contributed patches to Chromium before.

The For Developers page contains information on how to check out the source code and build Chromium.

Here are a few project ideas you might want to work on:

Improvements to flakiness dashboard

Possible mentors: Ojan Vafai

Chromium has a dashboard for flaky tests. If many tests fail in one run, appengine times out during results upload. This should be fixed.

De-flake Instant Extended browser tests, write unit tests

Possible mentors: ?

The new Instant Extended feature has some browser tests that are flaky, and could also use unit tests.

Debug disabled tests

Possible mentors: ?

Many of our tests are marked as DISABLED_. Debug the ones that fail reliably, fix whatever bugs you uncover, and enable the test again.

Improvements to the Dr. Memory memory debugging tool

Possible mentors: Derek Bruening, Qin Zhao

Dr. Memory finds memory-based errors (buffer overflows, use-after-free, etc.) in Chromium code on Windows. The tool needs additional work in order to find uninitialized reads on graphical Chromium tests and running the full browser without false positives. See further information and a list of Dr. Memory-specific projects.

SPDY compliance tests

Possible mentors: Fred Akalin

It would be really useful to have a suite of tests to validate that a SPDY client or server conforms to the spec. httpbis (the next version of HTTP) will be based on SPDY, so this work could dovetail into compliance tests for httpbis also. The best language for the tests is probably Python.

Your own idea!

If you have an idea you would like to propose, email chromium-dev with the following: