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Sheriffbot: Auto-triage Rules for Bugs

Bug reporting, triage and fixing are essential parts of the software development process. In large software projects such as Chromium, the bug tracking system is the central hub for coordination that collects informal comments about bug reports and development issues. Hundreds of bug reports are submitted every day, and the triage process is often error prone, tedious, and time consuming. In order to make triage more efficient, we automate certain tasks.

Googlers can view sheriffbot's source at go/sheriffbot-source. Please file issues with Sheriffbot here.

Unconfirmed bugs which are not updated for a year

Available bugs which have no associated component and have not been modified for a year

Available bugs with an associated component and are not modified for a year

Launch bug for experimental features - update and clean up

Needs-Feedback bugs, which received feedback.

Needs-Feedback bugs where feedback is not received for more than 30 days

P0 bug reminders

TE-Verified bugs which are not modified for 90 days (This rule has been removed as of 08/04/16. Reference bug: 630626)

Medium+ severity security bug nags on issues not updated by their owners in the last 14 days

Merge-Approval clean up

Milestone punting

Open bugs with CL landed which are not modified for 6 months (This rule has been disabled as of 07/22/16, pending furthur discussion. Reference bug: 629092)

Bugs with no stars, no owners and not modified for an year (This rule has been disabled as of 08/12/16. Reference bug: 637278)

Set for re-triage, the issues with bouncing owners.

Cleanup any auto-generated issues with no owners and are inactive for more than 90 days.

Reminder for release blocking issues with no milestone and OS labels.

Add label (Merge-TBD) to track any blocking issues where a merge may be required

Increase priority of issues tagged with ReleaseBlock labels