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Creating a Bug Template Url

The following fields can be pre-populated with a value supplied in the URL. Using links with these query parameters present allows you to guide end-users to enter an issue that is tailored to a specific need. Usually defining a template and specifying just a template value is better than specifying other values in a URL. The user must still review, edit, and submit the form.

 Form field URL query parameter Values
 Template template Name of a defined template in this project
 Summary summary Initial summary string
 Description comment Prompt text to show in issue description area
 Status status Initial status value
 Owner owner Username of initial issue owner
 CC cc List of users to CC
 Components components Comma-separated list of initial component values
 Labels labels Comma-separated list of initial label values

Constructing your URL:

  • Start w/ the base url -<project_name>/issues/entry
    • Example:

  • Add your query parameters
    • Example (using the "Defect from user" template) -
    • Wiki - How url parameters work.

  • Publish as a quick link ( works well).

Tips and Tricks:
  • For descriptions you'll need to url encode the text.  Here's a site to help you.