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Release Block Guidelines

See also this more recent document.

What are the intents of ReleaseBlock?

ReleaseBlock issues are immediately gating the release of the branch (Dev, Beta, Stable). These issues require the highest priority of attention from the engineers assigned (since they are directly on the critical path). They are meant to be used as a tool for program managers to focus engineers to get a Chrome release launched with high standard of quality (e.g. absent critical regressions, stability, build issues, etc...).

What aren’t the intents?

ReleaseBlock issues are not meant to be a scoping or prioritization tool (we have specific labels and normal processes for each of those, respectively mstone- and pri-). If an issue isn’t getting sufficient attention, it should be escalated to a TPM and/or the priority adjusted accordingly. Making arbitrary issues ReleaseBlockers, when mstone and proper prioritization would otherwise suffice, makes it very hard to see the true critical path of our release cycle.

Best Practices:

Signals of Poor Practices: