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Tips and Tricks

Tip 1: It's important to learn your query operators ":" and "="

Components and labels can both be searched for using either ":" or "=" operators. The "=" operator looks for exact matches. The ":" operator for components looks for the specified component or any subcomponent. The ":" for labels (and most of fields) looks for words anywhere in the string.

Mastering these queries will allow you to find all issues under a parent component.

Example 1.1: Querying all Blink issues (component:Blink), from Blink to Blink>WebRTC>Audio etc...

Example 1.1: Querying only issues explicitly w/ the Blink label (component=Blink)

Tip 2: Hit the "?" key to see a list of keyboard shortcuts.

Spoiler alert:

Issue list: J and K for previous and next issue, X to check a checkbox.

Issue detail page: J and K for previous and next issue, U to go up to list, R to select the comment field on the issue detail page.

Anywhere: / to select the search box.

That gives you a simple URL that you can share with others.

Tip 4: Add monorail issue search as a Search Engine in the Chrome Omnibar.

Just pop up a menu on your chrome browsers location bar and choose "Edit Search Engines...". E.g., I have the shortcut "mm" search for issues in /p/monorail. Typing "mm 12345" takes me directly to that issue. You can also treat the issue entry page as a search engine, e.g., I have "mnew" mapped to ""