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The DevTools team is an engineering team that maintains the Chrome DevTools - the debugging tools and capabilities offered by Chromium.

Debugging is a critical part of the (Web) Developer's day-to-day workflows, and we firmly believe that a great debugging experience contributes significantly to the overall developer satisfaction and success on the Web.

What We believe

Our mission is to deliver a reliable, relevant, and delightful debugging experience - universally available with Chrome - empowering developers to create helpful Web experiences.

See go/chrome-devtools/strategy (Googlers-only) for more information.

Design Documents

For proposing contributions, please refer to our design guidelines.


The team uses a public mailing list for technical discussions, questions, and announcements.

Email address:

Web archives: devtools-dev

Bug Triage

The DevTools team is responsible for bugs filed for the Platform>DevTools component.