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DOM Team

This is old information. As of 2019-05-01, we are no longer responsible for this area.

DOM team works on DOM, HTML, Editing, Web Components (Shadow DOM, Custom Elements, and CSS features), and any new web platform primitives.


  • For web developers: Provide better programming model; Evolve DOM and HTML as the foundation of the web platform programming model.
  • For blink developers: Provide better primitives; The design and performance of renderer/core/{dom,html} impact the rest of the browser pipeline.




  • (tech lead)
  • (web standard)
  • (editing)
  • (editing)
  • (PM)

Current Projects (this is not entirely accurate but gives a rough idea):

  • Shadow DOM
    • hayato
  • DOM Events
    • hayato
  • Custom Elements
    • tkent
  • HTML / Forms
    • tkent
  • Template Instantiation
    • hayato
  • Display Locking and Invisible DOM
    • rakina (with Rendering core team)
  • CSS Shadow Parts (::part and ::theme)
    • fergal
  • Editing
    • yosin, yoichio
Bug Triage