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Input Team

The Chromium Input team (aka input-dev) is a web platform team focused on making touch (P1) and other forms of input (P2) awesome on the web.  High-level goals:
  • Measure & improve input-to-paint latency. Web pages should stick to your finger!
  • Reduce web-developer pain points around input and scrolling, including improving interoperability between browser engines, predictability, simplicity and consistency between chromium platforms.
  • Enable high-performance rich touch interactions (such as pull-to-refresh) on the web.
  • Ensure Chrome UI features driven by input over the contents area provide a great experience to both end-users and web developers.
  • Enable the productivity of any chromium developer working with input-related code through effective code ownership and code health initiatives.
See also our concrete quarterly objectives.

Contacts is our mailing list, and we also use the #input-dev channel on Chromium Slack

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