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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Attendees: benjhayden, cbiesinger, dsinclair, dglazkov, eae, jchaffraix, nduca, szager, skobes Introductions, quick updates: eae: In SFO, currently working on text and line layout cleanup/performance szager: In SFO, recently transferred to blink from chrome infrastructure. dan: In WAT, working on paint invalidation and not mutating the render tree during layout cbiesinger: In NYC, working on all sorts of things, mostly cleanup at the moment. jchaffraix: In MTV, working on rendering and project warden skobes: In MTV, scrolling cleanup, warden benjhayden: In MTV, recently transferred to blink to work on layout performance. Project Warden update from Dan: Warden is a project to clean up long standing issues, mostly in the layout/rendering space, including:

Project warden is a project under the layout team and will continue as is. With the additional resources of the entire layout team we can now take on additional tasks. Performance is a key goal but we are currently suffering from reliable metrics and limitations when it comes to performance testing.

Legacy webkit performance tests are non-ideal in that they are sampling based and do properly account for scheduled cpu time. Modern telemetry tests account for scheduling and measures time on a low, fine grained level resulting in more reliable metrics. We should investigate converting existing tests to telemetry-style or creating new layout performance tests to guide our work. We also need to profile the layout code based on these tests and real world websites to determine performance bottlenecks and hot code paths.