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Monday, April 13, 2015

Performance Tracking (benjhayden)

inline-block are order-dependant)

First letter refactoring (dsinclair) []

resulting in the first-letter disappearing.

bunch of new tests for hit testing pseudo classes.

Measure API (jchaffraix)

Flexbox (cbiesinger) []

Line Boxes (szager) []

still a performance regression.

and layout units. Text metrics still uses (and will continue to use)

floats, box layout uses (and will continue to use) layout units.

Doing most text metric in floats and converting at the boundary

between the block and inline trees might make sense.

Isolate core/fetch (japhet) []

RenderObject cleanup (pilgrim) []

Text (kojii, eae)


text is already faster than simple text. In others it is up to 5x

slower. (eae)

Misc Warden